Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Saturday, July 18, 2009

why it got to be so hot.

hello again , it is hot outside i go for my walks everyday with Hayden( he is the human boy who takes us on walks) and i was out side for only a few minutes and thought i would be a cooked weenie, hahaha, Teddy is so hyper he runs when he goes out but he is also white so he doesn't hold the heat, me i am black and it sticks to me. MOM and Vicky are in the house with the AC box in the window and sometimes is it like an ice cube in the house and i have to snuggle up in my snuggie. I am sure that it is going to cool off soon after all it is Oregon. i am also glad that Diamonds and Pulver's boys are back , they are really nice and pet me , i bark and growl cuz i am little and it is what i do, ( they dont call me little bitchy for nothing). well i will close for now. i am going to stare out the window and laugh at all the stupid people outside sweating to death. talk to everyone later.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my brothers.

Hello again , these are my brothers, the one in the dorky hat is Frank he lives in Arizona now with my cousin patrick. Frank is old, he is a weenie dog like me and as i have said before has really bad breath, all he likes to do is sleep. LOL then the other one who looks like he seen a ghost is Teddy he is a rat terrier and my best friend although i have to yell at him all the time to get him to play with me, he also like to get in the garbage and i help of course i cant let him get into trouble alone. hahaha. Well that is really all today just wanted to have you meet my brothers i will post pictures of my mom and sister later. but that was me on the foot stool looking at mom like she was crazy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

been a while

Well it has been a year since i was last here and a lot has happened in that year. Tony is gone now thank god he is the human my sister brought home. And he was a real winner, let me tell you, i dont know what my sister Vicky was thinking. i have been ok, gotten in trouble a lot in the past year. and so good things too. Teddy is still my best friend, we still play alot and trash the place when mom and vicky are gone. i know i know, that is bad but they just leave us here sometimes and it makes me mad. Frank moved to Arizona with the human patrick, he is still OLD but likes it there a lot, mom gets pictures of him and stuff.
my mom is not working much and she is crabby alot, (dont tell her i said that or she will be mad) but she holds me and i lay with her in her chair under my snuggy alot, it has snowflakes on it, teddy has one too but he trys to be all macho and not use his as often. Mom says i am cute, although they call me little bitchy a lot. mostly i get called purffy. nothing much to write today i still sit and watch out the window a lot, play with my toys and i am loud a lot, i have to let them know i am here, i am nosey too. but mom says i am cute, here is a pic of me sleeping in the window. i will post more later

Friday, June 20, 2008

another day

Seems i am always getting into something, today i trashed the living room with teddies help of course , frank just layed around and watched, ( i am telling you he is old, all he does is sleep) boring. anyway i wanted to let them know i was upset for being left home. the humans i live with brought home some male human. he seems alright, but time will tell. i am getting sleepy now, and i need to rest, but i will be back in a couple of days to update everyone.
until then keep being mans best friend. LOL


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

just saying hello

i guess i should introduce myself, i am Purseffany, hey don't make fun of my name ok, the human who owns me is a little nuts (think it might be hormones) anyway i even have a middle name it is Jean, i know i know, humans. i was born on May 11, 2007 so i am now a little over 1 yr old. I live with my mom and my sister vicky they are humans, i have one brother that is Teddy, he is a rat terrior, he is really vickys, boy but i like him. all i know is he likes to play with me, and then once in a while we have my other brother who comes to visit, he is Frank a weenie dog like me, but he is OLD, really old with horrible bad breath and he is slow. Anyway i am happy and healthy, i like to jump on people and stare out the window waiting for my humans to come home. sometimes i make a lot of noise, just so they dont forget i live here too, i am small after all and i dont want to be stepped on. OK they are telling me it is bed time, i sleep in the big beds with the human called Vicky, she is cool. well until next time. have fun and stay cool. see ya